Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best and fastest way to find exactly what I want?

Well, things can and do have a way of getting really complicated sometimes.  We recommend prioritizing.  First, ask yourself what is the purpose of this trip?  Work?  Vacation?  A working vacation?  Where will I/we be spending the majority of time?   At the beach?  Downtown?  Playing golf?  On the river? At a theme park or attraction?  Once you have that answer, for convenience, you may want to book a home close by, so that takes care of the location.  The best way to narrow that down is to know a little bit about the area you plan to visit, such as the name of the city/town, or the zip code.  This information can be typed into the search bar at the top of the home page and will take you to your destination.  Next, make a checklist of MUST HAVES.  These should be deal-breakers and NOT things you are flexible about.  Under the “Narrow Your Search” section, check the appropriate boxes, including a specific neighborhood or community, and a list of homes that suit your requirements will be displayed.  Hopefully, the perfect house (or homes) will jump right out at you.  If not, re-evaluate your “must haves” and see if you can find a reasonable compromise.  Then broaden your search by not choosing so many options.  Most importantly, remember that vacations are supposed to be a time to relax and enjoy yourself.  If you can’t find it today, I’m sure it’s out there somewhere, so keep checking back!

How can I locate a home in a specific neighborhood?

Glad you asked!  On the postcard, where you can narrow your search, there is a space that you can enter the neighborhood or community name you are looking for.   From there, you can click on individual listings that fit your criteria and use the map feature on that page to pinpoint the location!

I cannot find the property I was looking at the other day…how do I find it again?

With so many great rentals to choose from, it can get confusing! That's why we've added a variety of social bookmarking options on each property, just click the + button in the top right hand corner of the page to mail, share or save the property to your favorite bookmarking or social media service.

How can I be sure that these are legitimate listings and not some kind of scam?

We try to monitor our listings for reports of suspicious behavior.  We cannot, however, make any guarantees about the character of any of our advertisers.  Fortunately, fraudulent behavior in the vacation rental market is uncommon but it is always a good Idea to research a property thoroughly before handing over your money.  Various channels include online public records of property ownership, asking for and verifying homeowner’s references, and asking for or providing a rental contract.   If you encounter or suspect fraudulent behavior on this site, please let us know so we can research the matter.

What is the safest way to pay for a rental?

Owners of rental properties will accept various forms of payment.  As a rule, paying by credit card is reasonably safe because you can dispute the charge if the transaction turns out to be fraudulent. Use caution when providing this information and only submit electronic payment information through secure networks.  Personal checks are another reasonably safe form of payment.  We do not recommend using wire transfer or cash payments prior to actually arriving at the property.  NEVER GIVE ANYONE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION SUCH AS BANK ACCOUNT NUMBERS OR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS!!!

How do I report inappropriate content or file a complaint against a homeowner?

We definitely do not condone inappropriate content and will investigate any and every complaint we receive.  As our terms of use state, we reserve the right to remove any offending listing pending a full investigation.  Please visit our CONTACT US page to report abuse of this sort

The owner has not responded to my inquiries. Am I doing something wrong or is there another way to reach them?

As long as you are clicking the button that says CONTACT THE OWNER and completing the form as instructed, then an email with the information you provide is sent automatically to the owner.  Owners do have the option of listing additional contact information; however, most do not publish phone numbers or email addresses in order to avoid unwanted calls or spam emails and the like.  While we encourage our homeowners to respond to inquiries in a timely manner, correspondence is strictly voluntary.  Remember, these are mostly individuals and not companies with set business hours so be patient, if you have time, and make more than one attempt.  Failing that, keep looking…you are sure to find another great place!

Your website is so awesome; I want to share it with the world…any suggestions?

Why, yes!  Thank you for asking!  You can start by word of mouth, and feel free spread the good word on Facebook and Twitter. If you have any suggestions on ways that we can improve our website, please let us know that as well.  Our goal is to provide the most user-friendly vacation rental website around!

I have several properties to list, is there a discount?

There is!  More than one, in fact.  Simply contact and provide us with a brief description of your needs and we will send you a pricing package tailored just for yiou!

I only want to rent my house over the summer. Can I list my house for less than 1 year?

The short answer is no, but here’s why…Paid subscriptions are valid for a full year at an already REALLY low price.    This is a good thing!   Your home may be only available for say, the summer, but most vacationers plan ahead and may wish to see and reserve the house in January for an arrival date in August.  Some people may book a year in advance or even longer!  The best way to convey your availability is through the calendar on your listing page by simply blocking the dates you do not want to rent.

Why is my listing not available to be viewed instantly?

That’s because we have an approval process.  Surprisingly, and for reasons known only to them, people put the strangest things on the internet!  This site is rated FFAA (that means Fun For All Audiences, a little fun phrase we made up) and to keep it that way, we have a screening process to attempt to ensure our ads and the related photos are appropriate for publishing.  This process is not automated and takes a little time however we make every effort to have your listing up and running within 24-48 hours…often sooner!

How do I get paid for renting my property?

That is between you and the person who wants to rent it.  Some people set up a system to accept credit card payments through a banking institution while others opt for one of the reputable online services.  We suggest thoroughly researching your options and taking steps to protect yourself from fraudulent behavior.  While we cannot recommend one option over another, we can remind you that you should NEVER provide personal information such as social security numbers or bank account numbers to strangers!

What if my city is not listed on the DESTINATIONS page?

If you would like to list your property on this site and you cannot find the name of your city or town, we’ll add it and your home will be the first one to appear there! (At least until your neighbors get jealous and add theirs!)  Just contact us at

How can I make my property the first one to show up when a visitor selects my city?

At the moment, you can’t.  Right now, property listings are displayed in the order in which they were created.  You can, however, sign up for a premium listing that features your property on our homepage.  Email for more information.  For regular listings, we may add additional features in the future that could allow modification of listing order.   We will send out periodic emails to keep you updated as to your options as exciting new features are installed.  Can you see how much fun there is to look forward to? 

I made my own website for my property. Can I put that or other URL’s on my listing to direct people there?

Unfortunately, we cannot permit other links posted in our listings.  But there is a very good reason for this policy.  Have you ever been reading something online and clicked a highlighted phrase that takes you to another page or maybe another window altogether and in just a few clicks you cannot seem to find your way back to where you started?  Additionally, these links sometimes take users to websites with malicious intent, whether intentionally or inadvertently.  Well, that is what we don’t want our users to experience.  You will get the best results for your property if users do not get distracted by other advertiser’s links or feel at risk while using our website.  The best time to introduce travelers to other websites is after they have initiated contact with you…then you can decide what other information you would like to share with them on a case by case basis.

Why am I not receiving any inquiries about my property?

Reason #1…price.  Make sure you are pricing your home competitively by checking out “the Jones’s”.   What are properties that are comparable to yours renting for?  Other reasons might include presentation or amenities.  Are the photos flattering?  Inviting?  Did you describe the home as a desirable property?  Have you highlighted the benefits of renting your home over another?  Maybe think about what kind of description would entice you to rent a property and apply that sentiment to your ad.  Also, provide information on the area and your personal favorites regarding entertainment and leisure activities.

How do I update my contact or personal information?

Simply visit My Profile after logging in or email us at with your new information.

How do I opt out of receiving emails from you?

We cannot imagine why anyone would not like to receive our emails but if you insist, contact us at and ask to be removed from our mailing list.